mta indirect pulp capping

• Indirect pulp therapy is a technique for avoiding pulp exposure in the treatment of teeth with deep carious lesions in which there exists no clinical evidence of pulpal degeneration or periapical disease. The operator has carried out direct pulp capping using gray MTA on 43 teeth and white MTA on 37. Direct pulp capping Indirect pulp capping 15. TheraCal is a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate filled base/liner and can be used under both direct and indirect restorations. Performing a pulpectomy is typically sug-Miles& Others: Clinical Outcomes of MTA Pulp Capping in an Adult Population 21 Non-staining, radiopaque, quick-setting and wash-out resistant. MTA Indirect pulp capping.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. We used 60 third molars with occlusal caries lesions from 30 patients of 17-26 years of age. • The procedure allows the tooth to use the natural protective mechanisms of the pulp against caries. This begs the question of how teeth with deep carious lesions and root lesions are being treated. Remaining dentin thickness(0.5-2mm) Choice of indirect pulp capping agent. Fig.3: The obviously healthy and asymptomatic pulp makes possible the use of direct pulp capping as sole endodontic measure. Aims and Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare the clinical performance of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and calcium hydroxide as indirect pulp-capping agents in permanent teeth.Materials and Methods: Search strategy includes randomized control trials and clinical trials from the databases of PubMed Central, Cochrane, EBSCO, and MEDLINE from January 1998 to May 2018.

... MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) is fast becoming the material of choice for direct pulp caps. Educational video for dental students and dentists on the Direct Pulp Capping procedure. U Koc Vural, A Kiremitci, and S Gokalp (2017) Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate MTA Indirect Pulp Capping in Deep Caries Lesions After 24-Months. indirect pulp capping procedures using calcium hydroxide or MTA in teeth with deep carious lesions, regarding its morphological characteristics and degree of inflammation induced in the dental pulp.

Although MTA was originally developed primarily for endodontic purposes, such as a root end sealant and for sealing inadvertent furcation and root canal perforations, its use as a potential direct pulp capping agent was quickly recognized. How to use Biodentine for direct and indirect pulp caps ... Only 60 percent of our evaluators reported using Dycal or MTA.

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