saturn bomberman port

Saturn Bomberman supports up to ten human players on battle mode with 2 multitaps, 7 players with just one multitap, or two players without any multitaps. Hi everyone! It is a huge mecha that is piloted by Mujoe himself. It is also possible to combat against CPU-controlled opponents in battle mode.

Mujoe, also known as Mr Meanie, is the sixth and penultimate boss of Saturn Bomberman. Download and play the Saturn Bomberman (U) ROM using your favorite Sega Saturn emulator on your computer or phone. I just got a saturn a couple of weeks ago and have bought many of the must have's like nights into dreams, panzer dragoon 2, and saturn bomberman, but now I'm looking into the games that have been ported over to the saturn and run and look better than the ps1. Mujoe's mecha will rise above the battlefield; so big that it will crush the arena with its hands at any moment. This page is about Saturn Bomberman's boss Mujoe. If you want to read about the character, see Mujoe.

44 comments. What are some Sega Saturn game ports that run better than it's ps1 counterpart? Any recommendations?



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