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I would just say that I do not like the traps and I would catch more fur using a coilspring, but I have read too many positive reports from those using dog proof traps to discard them that easily. You don’t need a thermometer to measure water temperature either, just take your water to a full boil and then immediately take it off the heat. Location is key in land trapping. The coons here quit falling for my Have-A-Heart - style live traps, but these traps actually WORK ! I seen a earlier post on here about using dog proof traps for catching coon for training purposes. It kicked butt and took a ton of raccoons off the board for my predator control clients. You don't have to overthink traps like the #3 Montana. Trapping Radio 172 This week on Trapping Radio we are covering a lot of ground with questions you have asked me.

If the setters aren't apparent, ask the sales staff to help you find the item. Leave the lid on (you do have a lid don’t you?). But, I know people that tend to do that. From dukes to mb's. We cover trap, muskrats, big trap pans, animal activist … Feb 25, 2019 11:55:08 GMT -5 For the price of a single live trap you can get 2 or 3 of the DP's and they seem to be much more effective. This is for two reasons. For coyotes i run fully modified bridger #2 and #3 in areas i experience theft. cheitzman: I have a blog called If you have time check it out and if you like it please follow me on my blog. They do an effective job of catching raccoons, and they also work for catching opossums and other animals of the same size. Coons specifically I use Dog Proof (DP) traps made by Duke and Lil' Grizz'. By the time it comes to a rolling boil you’ve wasted time, fuel, and water. Going to start trapping some of the raccoon hoard that lives in the area.

They are a fine trap for coon mink and muskrat.

I've used all types of baits, but currently use a big marshmallow under the trigger, and kitten food mixed with crayfish oil, … Trapping Radio 172 trapping, traps, muskrats, animal activist, business, big pans and more. For coon i do use dp's but also like duke 1.5. Make sure the trap has a center swivel and a reinforced base plate. Used whole (dried) corn for bait: put a little down inside the trap, then sprinkled a few kernels around the ground close to the trap.Got a huge male coon the very first night, and 3 … You can purchase a setter wherever conibear traps are sold. Like boil them or … boil in lye (vanquish toilet boil cleaner) then boil them in logwood dye, then if your going to use them, boil them in wax, make sure the trap is the same temperature as the wax before you pull from the boiling liquid, you will get a nice even thin coat if you wait, if …

I run an assortment of traps. Dog-proof traps have revolutionized raccoon trapping and are best for beginners. Thanks.

Dog proofs and water traps can be painted with a flat paint and will do fine. I spoke with a guy that caught 100+ coyotes in 6 days and he said he only wore gloves when his hands got cold. With that said I can't stand to set a bright silver trap in the water wether it's at a pocket set or a blind set for any critter. I now have a new dog proof trap that will be on my personal fur lines and my personal control lines, Why? It sounded like a good idea so I just ordered a dozen duke dp traps. Not all, but most of the over thinkers have the smallest piles of fur in the end. I make my own Pogo cable anchors and attach to the trap with quick links. A number 1.5 size trap is probably too small to catch a coyote. I know very little about trapping, so my question is do I need to do anything special to these new traps? Thanks. A No.

If you are already dealing with coyotes in your yard and are looking for a way to remove them, you can turn to using traps to catch them.



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