why did jotaro change

In both fights with Pucci, Jotaro had already used time stop briefly before losing. star108. Speculation on Jotaro Kujo of the Stardust Crusaders. My theory on this is that Pucci's speed ability creates an alternate universe.

In both situations, Jotaro is faced with either saving his daughter or himself. But it does not make meaning to seek an explanation to that, at least not contradicted the established logic of the stands so much, and at least Jotaro did not master the technique instantly, had difficulties to master it and at least one effort was noted in both during the fight. I imagine they also did this so the color changes are alot more appealing. A black Jotaro makes a …

Stands are known to have effects on their users. He's got to wait. He told Jotaro not to lose his cool when he was fighting DIO. He can't just time stop immediately after doing it. This would make sense because we clearly figured out the Johnny Joestar is the alternate Universe Johnathan. They really did like this guy. The second and last time Jotaro lost his cool was when Pucci threw knives at Jolyne and triggered Jotaro's PTSD and fear for his daughter. Which is confusing why they didn't continue with the original people. Jotaro often stated that his Stand is filled with rage and is difficult to control. Jotaro sacrifices himself for her both times, which is his biggest weakness. Jotaro lost his cool and killed DIO with the power of his rage. Joseph was right all along. 3 years ago. He was also in the other parts too, so that says something. Jotaro going from black to any color is alot more striking, as opposed to, for example, the general color shift going blue and Jotaro looking not that much different cause he'd already be blue. It's manifestation as a result of DIO's curse could have coincided with Jotaro starting to get into street fights and be a dick to his mom.

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