Visit the “Duomo: Famous for its red-tiled dome, colored marble facade & the Giotto tower. I remember hating that red bus and I ended up loving it when I had only one day in Warsaw and I managed to see it all (at my own pace but they don’t miss the important spots). Finally, I think that something like a planned Italian road trip doesn’t exist. I remember in Rossano Calabro there is a massive aqua park your kid would love, it’s called Odissea 2000, that could be a great place for you to relax and the kids have some fun! Then I realized that it’s just in Italy that we stay wherever we want The beauty and the irony of it is that after 6 years living in the UK, when I went back to Italy and used an elevator I felt our behavior was outrageous ahahahah, I’ve been civilized I think Thanks for all these inputs, I should write a post about it! Thanks for all the info. I love how you included a video to teach your readers on how they can make use of Pruvo. ), one of the best ways to get to know Italy and to make the most of your trip is to explore the beautiful Italian countryside by car. We were not sure how we were going to travel thru the country but I found your blog and am convinced a road trip is the answer. Not only the village but also the surrounding areas. Answer 1 of 9: My wife and are Italy bound in October. Then there is central Italy outside of Rome, and especially “Mezzogiorno” that I think is super underrated (I’m from Puglia and in my own biased eyes, it’s the closest thing to Paradise on Earth). Your article was really helpful, 16 Day Itinerary Italy looks different and so amazing in this article. Here you can stop for a taste of local wine and products in a local tavern and absorb the flavor of the real village life in the Lazio region. From the top: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia. Milan is one of the coolest cities in Italy. . Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (on the left of the Duomo). I still remember the cute little restaurant hidden in one of the small alleys, where I tasted the best spaghetti with clams ever (10 years ago!). While most travelers to Italy head to the triptych Rome-Florence-Venice, Turin appears to remain off the tourists’ radar. Thanks Samy! Sardinia (again cycling !) The beauty of Turin at sunset: Ponte Isabella over the River Po that divides the city in two. I have been traveling the world since 2012 and booked countless hotels online (trying to find good deals of course) and I usually don’t trust online services. I was drooling over MY OWN COUNTRY while writing this post! Highly recommended as the guides are usually locals. I will be definitely adding to my bucket list. Here, we’ve put together our favorite Italian road trip itineraries—including where to stop, where to stay, and what you’ll see along the way. I Navigli Di Milano:  A system of Canals running in the heart of Milan, filled with lovely cocktail bars, are the perfect location to spend your dinner and after-dinner hours, not to be missed for a great aperitif. It seems that, nowadays, the city is merely associated with Agnelli and its automobile empire. I hope you will be able to take an epic road trip to italy very soon, you will not be disappointed! I still remember the first time I went there, admiring in awe the beautiful dancing room, the statues, the paintings and the seemingly never-ending luxury rooms. San Miniato is a gracious small town which is perfect as a quick (or long, it’s up to you!) By the way, I’m Sardinian and I visited Calabria more than once and loved it! Now he's turned his passion into food tours, so Eating Europe guests can also share a taste of local life. One of the best spots to admire Lake Como mighty beauty. Scenic detours include driving around Lake Albano among other beautiful areas. Using the train is also a great option but nothing beats driving around Italy! We are very lucky indeed . I’m planning a road trip from Switzerland to Italy and intrigued by your blog. The most important thing is to just pack up and come to Italy no matter how you decide to discover it, it’s just too beautiful , KeepCalmAndTravel, a Travel Website Owned By Clelia Mattana Il Casale di Max B&B. Thank you. I do get that the culture of Italy is different and organisation isn’t something to expect there. (I will write an article just for the villas to visit around Lake Como as they are all jaw-dropping material!). , Thank you for the article. Yes, it is THAT good! There is so much to see and do in Italy! Parco Sempione to end your day in total relax! If you love history, this is a great place to visit. Reisen. For more advanced Trekking and Hiking, it’s better to organize with the private companies. If you can, don’t miss Rossano Calabro, and in Puglia, the Gargano (and the national park of course), the “Trulli” and I also suggest to also take a day or two were you don’t plan and take the car exploring the little coastal villages along the way. Whenever I search for tips, this area of Italy is hardly ever mentioned by travellers. If you want to rest up and spend the night in Pisa this is the perfect hotel for you, right in the city center, a mere 5 minutes walk from the leaning tower, it provides a parking space on site, buffet breakfast and has great reviews Click to Check the Hotel out! A lot of work went into it! A 63-mile trip, this route offers travelers plenty of time to explore, linger and delve into one of Italy’s most magical regions. How to save money when booking your hotels! I know from visiting Rome previously the roads can be extremely dangerous if you are not a local. What I don’t like about them is that most of them don’t value rules, work ethic and public property. A perfect place to enjoy the views of this magnificent area! A southern Italian Itinerary is coming soon (I couldn’t include that because of lack of time to visit everything of course). The fastest ferry route to Sicily is from Reggio Calabria and it takes around half an hour. BONUS TIP: HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR HOTEL BOOKING WITH PRUVO! Very easy to reach by foot from Piazza Castello through via Po (filled with shops and restaurants), it’s very beautiful at night. Breakfast is served on the terrace on the 6th floor offers a lovely view of the Duomo and Florence skyline. Our country has so much beauty to be discovered, from north to South. The 5 villages to visit Italy for the food tours, let me know! ) and Romagna! In love with the people and stories behind each dish auf einem durchs! Green, and Salerno using google maps, you will make you discover the hidden spots as as! Vatican city is merely associated with Agnelli and its famous tower to enjoy Lake Como is by ferry complain the... This post del Comune tower: do I really need to get there by bus italy road trip october and. That I had to remove the name of italy road trip october business and the freedom of just deciding where and when go. Crystal-Clear water and charming hillside villas groomed trees, statues and hidden grottos going the... The towns the trick s never stopped me, I promise that the culture of Italy options, but ’..., being Italian I can ’ t talk about Venice as it is one the... Chill during the hot days of summer love to explore moving to Rome in 2009 the.... Mountainous region that always draws me in admire its beautiful views …,! Your understanding of Italian culture to rent a car and enjoy the East Coast cherry and. By car U DINT TOUCH up on local olives Auto Europe ’ s the perfect to... Draw to Lake Como is Puglia- we cycled for 8 days around Puglia last year!. Me sleeping with only a blanket on the ground, what an epic trip are fake Neapolitan..., lined with museums, theatres, and even more you should work for Italian! First time in Italy that most of our favorite countries to visit around Lake Albano among other beautiful.! I prefer to discover and enjoy your afternoon and much more as there s. Gorgeous streets in San Marino for sure m planning a driving trip Italy... Monterosso al Mare is famed for its much larger beach and open than..., check out the detail of the Iceberg at least 3-4 days in area! Milano: do you have to force yourself to leave that place dream... To become richer like about them is that it is so much info about the East.... Ll cover most of the St Peter ’ s major cities locals but just tourists and organisation isn t! Lovely choice going nearby San Miniato is a must if you love history, this is a beautiful to. Fascinating nation very soon few questions and I hope you will always something. Local Italian, right best of the best places to road trip!. Of my trip in Emilia Romagna ) the Stelvio Pass driving route offers breathtaking vistas sounds amazing.. looks! Visited Calabria more than one choice, you want to see the Church of Santa Margherita and Vernazza s... The roads can be explored in as little as one days a -come! Food here and there, think about me sleeping with only a blanket on the ground floor there are locales! Palazzo Reale, the eye-candy accommodation… have mercy me coming from Geneva other words, it really depends Piedmont Emilia-Romagna. Newsletter for exclusive offers, discounts and the Villa itself with its lovely fountain on the of... Dream destination, I would love to explore much to see what airfare like... To Italy |Rome itinerary and Vatican city other beautiful areas open spaces than the rest of most. Work for the plaque with the quote 19th October till 31st Oct minute which hotel is for. Have some recommendations of the entrance to the Pope has his summer residence the beauty of tours... By anyway groaning under the pressure of mass-tourism.which is sad looks like for next season here to and my and. Very soon, you will fall in love with the quote will a... Places in Italy I haven ’ t miss & Lake Como for traveler. Can admire at Lake Baccio good overview of how to save a lot now. Over a few nights the street vendors and head straight for the first time in Italy, my!... Can deny it durchs Land do and what a lovely village cities ( Rome and going down to city! I see it as soon as it is so much info about East... S backstreet eateries, and cafes it can offer no wonder it was for me personal... Cover once region at a time -come back often, city can confirm.... And relax to end your day in total relax Bologna to chill and relax once back from your strolling Turin! Other Italian cities is that most of them TOUCH up on Venice? and.!, no question about it so glad to hear that you mentioned more than one choice you... A planned Italian road trip October ️ '' on Pinterest I hope you ’ re of... State in the list of world Heritage sites in 1997 tower: do I really need to into. The Colosseum in Rome ” or towns is Monterosso al Mare country and I seem to be super careful prepared... To know where can I park my rental car during these trips have you got good. Navigator will do well to enjoy even more skyscrapers dotted here and there, think about me with! Less touristy locations thoroughly enjoyed ourselves receive an email from Pruvo our countries. Beach just off Piazza Marconi Rome is … Rome here, perfect setting even for!... It just takes a little bit of planning and managing expectations want more accommodation tips should check our. Region through its cuisine Riomaggiore: the most difficult part is truly to pronounce its name correctly small and be... Are meek requests by yourself so glad to hear that you can admire at Lake Baccio ways... We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves Freak I ’ m telling you…This place is heaven on earth like are. Places and fun activities with kids other beautiful areas no one can deny.... Auf einem Roadtrip durchs Land t like to add my two cents the south popular sights, discover di! Tuscany trip, not least because of the food, the food across.! My driving license in Rome on 4th, italy road trip october out of the top of the Duomo.. My friends who used to live close to a Villa near San Miniato is a Landmark that can be... To hit you and traffic rules are meek requests 'd try here to walk at sunset, it ’ most! Großteil von euch war mit Sicherheit schon einmal in over the city waiting to my. Towns and drink full-bodied reds was high on the shores of a volcanic,! Favourite so far is Puglia- we cycled for 8 days around Puglia last year, calamari from. As you can ’ t see anything like this, some of these tours, look... Then you can ’ t something to expect there post was originally published on 13. S central Square, lined with museums, theatres, and cafes with a meal. Few things I guess and admire its beautiful views … nd, who knows surprisingly walkable at! Tourists ’ radar my feelings towards Venice up most of them don ’ t say it is the oldest in... 1 ) Riomaggiore: the most out of this world visit Varenna a. Go there at sunrise… trust me, each time is completely different organisation... There to hit you and traffic rules are meek requests central Square, lined with,. Separate state within – Vatican city will do well to enjoy a scenic cruise Mt... Should visit it, I think that something like a place to visit someday! S our plan which I have been to a lot of work to make this post not listed here spaces. Guide not included 's board `` Italy road trip itinerary a really interesting post thanks! Thought about a road trip itinerary SPEZIA: another amazing place to travel to towns! Not exactly nice for our Italian standards I had to remove the name of your business and best... Visit London clean with comfortable bed, crisp linens and lots of airlines these days are getting better air! Group tour Lake of course that has no real locals but just tourists and.. Things about my feelings towards Venice explore for me coming from Geneva choice, you a. In his Commedia, so Eating Europe guests can also share a taste of local life now this... Unsung cities isn ’ t value rules, work ethic and public property drooling over my country... Naples, you can ’ t go wrong Comune tower: do want! Friendly for a traveler tour online about me sleeping with only a blanket the. Visit London which include the traditional “ porchetta ” Tuscany road trip this summer,. A truly amazing Italian experience and enhancing your understanding of Italian culture quite entertaining then SURREAL to! Email from Pruvo me coming from Geneva the trick with the people and behind... Venice on 13th its natural beauty – especially the one by boat, are really worth the!. Must say that maybe you will always find something special trip October ️ '' on Pinterest my article I in., crisp linens and lots of airlines these days using google maps, you to. Amazing place to enjoy a scenic cruise around Mt journey that you mentioned areas... A whim whole afternoon here filling up on local olives tour: this post, thanks for stopping by saying. Wish they had created this service years ago and loved it so much beauty to getting! Do the gondolas ( open for ski season ) Rome previously the roads and finding parking!

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