39. • Move It! Choose one of the browsed Elephant Song) (jungle Book) lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. Hathi appears playing a similar role as he did in the film. During this, Hathi walks onto the log and it breaks under his weight. In the late1960's Marx toys introduced The Jungle Book Disneykin figures and called the baby elephant "Sonny". The credits just say baby elephant. Hathi is portrayed as a pompous, buffoonish, stereotypical British soldier who is not too bright. Broadway musical soundtrack lyrics. He is a pompous Indian elephant that heads the Jungle Patrol, protectors of the jungle. Sabu! Animators Whats the elephants name in jungle book? Tokyo Disneyland • Disney Dreams! Mowgli / ˈ m aʊ ɡ l i / is a fictional character and the protagonist of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book stories. In Jungle Cubs: Born to Be Wild DVD, Hathi, as an adult, was in the field when Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera were traveling to the Man Village. He believes himself to have an excellent memory, despite his frequent forgetfulness. From Quiz: The Jungle Book (click to play it). After Bagheera finds out what he's looking for, Hathi doesn't appear for the rest of the movie. Hathi from the stories by Rudyard Kipling Hathi is the only named elephant in the Kiplings Jungle Book What is the name of the little girl in jungle book? Rikki-tikki-tavi is the most famous Jungle Book character who didn't star in a Disney flick. The Jungle Book: Mowgli • Kaa • Baloo • Akela • Raksha • Gray • Shere Khan • Colonel Hathi • King Louie • Bandar-Log Monkey • Flying Squirrel • Crocodile • Peacock • Vulture • Elephant • Bee Hive Moana: Moana • Sina • Frigatebird • Chief Tui • Gramma Tala • Pua • Frigatebird • Kakamora Chief • Maui • HeiHei • Ghost Matai • Eel • Tamatoa • Frog Monster • Sloth Monster • Eight Eyed Bat • Chicken Feed • Maui's Hook • The Ocean In the book, Hathi had three sons. The jungle patrol is run similarly to a military unit, with Colonel Hathi as commanding office. The Jungle Book Groove PartyDisney Crossy Road Ellie: This name was inspired by Kathryn Koblentz’s middle name Elisabeth. Deleted: "Brothers All" • "The Song of the Seeonee" • "Monkey See, Monkey Do" • "I Knew I Belonged to Her" • "In A Day's Work" • "The Mighty Hunters" • "I've Got You Beat" • "Braver", The Lion King: Simba • Nala • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed • Ostrich • Gazelle • Rhino • Hippo • Zebra • Blue Beetle • Grub • Zazu • Rafiki • Timon • Pumbaa • Mufasa • Scar The Jungle Book (1967) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. During his time with the brigade, Hathi was awarded the Victoria Cross, for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. Whats the elephants name in jungle book? Lizzie: Kathryn Koblentz was a huge fan of Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice. Wiki User Answered . He usually attempts to keep order but is known to stammer when stressed. "Forward march!" Song lyrics from theatre show/film are property & copyright of their owners, provided for educational purposes They appear in Disney's 1967 film The Jungle Book and its sequel. Hathi reappears when his marching disturbs Shere Khan's hunting. Hathi doesn't appear again, but it's very likely at some point, Bagheera told them Mowgli was safe in the Man Village and that they could stop looking. Here's a link to that. One of the main characters in that book’s name … As I know how much he adores Elephants parade (he has around 15 of them) as well as my home country (Russia), I decided to paint an elephant with a Russian theme. In House of Mouse, Hathi was seen during the opening theme of the show when Timon and Pumbaa run by Daisy's clerk desk. In the original novel by Rudyard Kipling, Hathi was actually an old elephant and the de facto ruler of the jungle. Lilo & Stitch: Lilo Pelekai • Nani Pelekai • David Kawena • Mrs. Hasagawa • Mertle Edmonds • Stitch Large gray Indian elephant, white tusks In the Disney version he had just one. Shanti is the name of the little girl in Jungle Book. What are your favorite books when it comes to...? The trumpeting elephant, on the other hand, represents anger and thus ill-luck. Why do the Jews hate White people so much? Voice Raised by a panther, an elephant and a bear, Mowgli must learn civilization's ways when his long-lost uncle and a circus scout from Barnum and Bailey come looking for him. Lyrics to Colonel Hathi's March [From The Jungle Book] by Disney from the Disney's Greatest Hits [# 1] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Colonel of the Elephants House of Mouse: King Larry, Season Two: "The Ape Who Would Be King" • "Trunks for the Memories/Kasaba Ball" • "Hathi's Makeover/Curse of the Magnificent Melon" • "The Five Bananas/Birthday Snake" • "Old Green Teeth/The Elephant Who Couldn't Say No" • "Hair Ball/A Tail of Two Tails" • "Waiting for Baloo/Tree for Two" • "Nice Tiger/Sleepless in the Jungle", More Jungle Book: "Baloo's Blues" • "Jungle Fever" • "If You Wanna See Some Strange Behavior (Take a Look at Man)" • "It's a Kick" At some point in the past, Hathi was a tame elephant, as he recalls fighting in the Maharajah's 5th Pachyderm Brigade. See Answer. Toomai of the Elephants is a short story by Rudyard Kipling about a young elephant-handler. Thanks- POINTS FOR THE BEST ANSWERS!! Elephant Boy, The Drum, Jungle Book Eclipse Series 30 1937 - 1942 /B&W & Color / 1:33 flat full frame/ 82, 98, 106 min. In Fantasia 2000, an elephant that is believed to be Colonel Hathi makes a cameo along with another elephant that is believed to be Winifred during the "Pomp and Circumstance" segment of the film. However, despite his strict orders he seems quite charismatic and gets command of the Jungle Patrol. Hathi Jr. (Hindi origin), meaning ‘having a trunk’; Hathi Jr. is the baby of the herd in the Disney movie 'The Jungle Book'. There are 60 lyrics related to Elephant Song) (jungle Book). He... Little Toomai and Kala Nag (the elephant) Little Toomai's chapter might be called "Toomai of the Elephants," but the elephants are arguably... Bagheera (the Black Panther) Asked by Wiki User. The Jungle BookThe Jungle Book 2The Jungle Book: Mowgli's StoryFantasia 2000 (cameo)The Jungle Book (2016) As the elephants crash, Hathi tells Bagheera that man was in the jungle. Agent • Mike Wazowski • Celia Mae • Flint • Mr. Waternoose • James P. Sullivan • Randall Boggs • Roz • Phlegm • Charlie • Simulation Kid • Garbage Cube • Harley • Spike Beauty and the Beast: Belle • Maurice • Chip Potts • Mrs. Potts • Gaston • LeFou • FrouFrou • Chapeau • Plumette • Beast • Cogsworth • Lumiere • The Enchantress How do I write or say the following sentence/clause in a poetic/ idiomatic/colloquial way? Calhoun • King Candy • Taffyta Muttonfudge • Candlehead • Surge Protector • Gene • Nicelanders • Rancis Fluggerbutter • Other Sugar Rush Racers • Sour Bill • Blue Racer • General Hologram He is surprised when he discovers Mowgli is a man-cub due to his resentment towards humans. Aladdin: Aladdin • Jasmine • The Sultan • Prince Achmed • Gazeem • Razoul • Rajah • Iago • Abu • Genie • Jafar • Magic Carpet • Pink Flamingo • Beggar Jafar • Golden Scarab Beetle • Magic Lamp • Snake Charmer • Golden Camel This name is displayed on the screen whenever the unit is used and may be seen by students. John Lounsbery The other elephants search for Baloo. THA (2 p. 17) the Elephant that was Lord of the Jungle in `How Fear Came', is pronounced Tar. During the second season, while still being friends with the rest of the cubs, Hathi begins to spend more time with Winifred and, additionally, becomes slightly bigger by stature and has lighter skin. MousekeDance It! At some point, he was released back into the wild where overtime, he has built up a contempt for mankind. Summer: The Jungle Book Jive Winifred (wife)Hathi, Jr. (son)Winifred's Uncle (uncle-in-law) Was the Chronicles of Narnia ever translated into Norwegian. Indian jungle Why is an author's self-insertion in fiction books considered a bad thing? Sequel: Ranjan • Ranjan's Father • Messua • Shanti's Mother • Lucky Powers and abilities • Disneyland Forever • Happily Ever After • Mickey's Mix Magic • Tree of Life Awakens • Rivers of Light: We Are One • Super Duper Jumpin' Time • The Forest of Enchantment: A Disney Musical Adventure In the novel, the character’s name is only Hathi. Shops: Adventureland Bazaar Finding Dory: Dory • Deb • Gurgle • Pearl • Sheldon • Tad • Gill • Bloat • Squirt • Nemo • Marlin • Jacques • Bubbles • Destiny • Bailey • Gerald • Fluke • Rudder • Hank • Crush • Mr. Ray • Becky • AnglerFish • Otter • Charlie • Jenny • Philip Sherman Colonel Hathi also has a spell card known as "Colonel Hathi's Righteous Stomp" in the attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. These are animals that are seen inThe Jungle Book Franchise. The baby elephant is called Junior. Jungle Cubs: "Take Your Sweet, Sweet Time" • "Jungle Cub Love" • "Everything's Gonna Be Right with the World" Place: India Get your answers by asking now. Hathi's namesake is used for Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost at Disneyland Paris. Top Answer. His name was never given. Goal These are animals that starred in The Jungle Book franchise.. Trending pages. The Jungle Patrol (sometimes referred as The Dawn Patrol by Bagheera) is the name for a herd of elephants led by Colonel Hathi. How to stop the nightmare of Amazon checkout having to avoid being tricked into being given Prime? How would you react to a girl from europe? =], The daddy/colonel elephant is Colonel Hathi. And the big brown elephant catchers, the trackers and drivers and ropers, and the men who know all the secrets of breaking the wildest elephants, passed him from one to the other, and they marked his forehead with blood from the breast of a newly killed jungle-cock, to show that he was a forester, initiated and free of all the jungles. Asian elephant Rudyard Kipling: The Jungle Book: Head of the jungle elephant troop; … Music: Soundtrack • More Jungle Book... Further Adventures of Baloo and Mowgli Song: Colonel Hathi's March (The Elephant Song). Shake It! Hathi and his troop appear when Bagheera calls for "Plan B" to stop Baloo from going to the Man Village. 38. He is one of the oldest animals of the jungle and represents order, dignity and obedience to the Law of the Jungle. 5 6 7. Being in charge, talking about his Victoria Cross win, discipline Background information Colonel Hathiकर्नल हाथी "Company, sound off!" His last pairing with Korda was the excellent adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic book Jungle Book (1942) playing Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves, who must adapt to the ways of Mowgli, a "man-cub" wakes up when he feels the tree shake and hears chanting. Restaurants: Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost Hathi first appears when he and his troops are marching. Het jungleboek (oorspronkelijke Engelse titel: The Jungle Book) is een verzameling verhalen en gedichten uit 1894 van Rudyard Kipling.Deze verhalen waren eerder los van elkaar gepubliceerd in tijdschriften.. Het bekendst zijn de drie verhalen over het mensenkind Mowgli dat in de jungle in India wordt opgevoed door wolven, maar het boek bevat ook andere verhalen met de jungle als thema. Sequel: "The Jungle Rhythm" • "W-I-L-D" • "Right Where I Belong" Jungle Book, into a film, it has become a pop-culture icon over the world. I own the movie and reviewed it. Big Hero 6: Hiro Hamada • Baymax • Robert Callaghan • Go Go Tomago • Honey Lemon • Wasabi • Fred • Fred's Dad • Tadashi Hamada • Cass • Yama • Alistair Krei • Heathcliff • Abbigail Callaghan • Attila • Sergeant Gerson • Cass Enemies The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington • Sally • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Oogie Boogie • Santa Claus At some point, he was released back into the wild where overtime, he has built up a contempt for mankind. 1 Mammals 2 Birds 3 Reptiles 4 Amphibians 5 Fish 6 Insects 7 Worms 8 Gallery (Mammals) 9 Gallery (Birds) 10 Gallery (Reptiles) 11 Gallery (Fish) 12 Gallery (Insects) 13 Gallery (Worms) Asian Elephant (Elephas maxiumus) Asian Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) Asiatic Lion (Panthera leo persica) Bengal Tiger (Panthera … In the former Animal Kingdom show Journey into the Jungle Book, Hathi and his troops appeared playing the exact role as the film. What are the other elephants names? Hathi has since retired and only comes out on special occasions. The mother is Winifred and the father is Colonel Hathi. Hathi can be petty at times, criticizing one elephant for having dust in his trunk and another for smiling too widely. List of Species in The Jungle Book | The Parody Wiki | Fandom $1,400 stimulus checks to come within week of approval, Rapper's $24M diamond forehead piercing explained, Giuliani upset at own radio show's 'insulting' disclaimer, 'You know what I heard about Kordell Stewart??? Heffalump (fictional word); the name of each cuddly elephant in the Disney classic, 'Winnie the Pooh'. Every day from dawn, Hathi has his unwilling herd march all over the jungle. Hathi appears scared when Winifred threatens him to take the lead of the herd herself: this is due to the fact that real life elephants have a matriarcal society, which makes Winifred's claim a legitimate one. Director: Dee McLachlan | Stars: Jamie Williams, Billy Campbell, Roddy McDowall, David Paul Francis Parade: Disney's Dreams On Parade: Moving On • Disney's Magical Moments Parade • Disney's Party Express • Disney Magic on Parade • Disney Stars on Parade • Flights of Fantasy Parade • Jubilation! Hathi is the only animal character that doesn't appear in the. He is the voice of authority in the jungle, for example, calling the water truce during the drought, and leading his sons to help Mowgli drive the humans out of the village. Strength Hathi's animation was used as a reference for animator. Jungle Cubs: Arthur and Cecil • The Croc • Mahra • Benny and Clyde • Ned, Jed & Fred • Mungo • Leah • Cain • Dholes • Winifred's Uncle • McCoy • Dictator Turtle • Whitehood Although Hathi is supposed to be an Asian elephant, the book, Hathi's design was actually reused from that of, Hathi is the only character to break the fourth wall in the first. To test, Hathi challenges Mowgli to a dance-off. The Jungle Book (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The little elephant is named Junior The daddy/colonel elephant is Colonel Hathi The Mommy elephant is Winifred I think that's all that they name in the movie. The Incredibles: Bob Parr • Helen Parr • Dash • Violet • Jack-Jack • Lucius Best • Syndrome • Edna Mode • Rick Dicker • Gilbert Huph • Kari McKeen • Bomb Voyage • Rusty McAllister • The Underminer • Omnidroid, Hathi from the stories by Rudyard Kipling, Pompous, forgetful, buffoonish, boastful, strict, senile, destructive, loud-mouthed, hot-headed, intolerant, austere, fatherly, protective, stern, serious, no-nonsense, gruff, grumpy, grouchy, cranky, cantankerous, crabby, critical, tough, disciplinary, authoritative, commanding, bossy, demanding, dismissive, proud, majestic, regal, dignified, mighty, imposing, temperamental, harsh, blunt, frank, vocal, charismatic, petty, Disorder, the idea of a female elephant ruling his herd, his herd crashing into him. Monsters, Inc.: Boo • Needleman • Waxford • C.D.A. Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party • It's Party Time... with Mickey and Friends • Journey into the Jungle Book • Mickey's Gift of Dreams • Mickey's Magical Music World • Mickey and the Magical Map • Mickey and the Wondrous Book • Mickey presents: “Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris” • One Man's Dream II: The Magic Lives On! Hathi is the name of the elephant. Another elephant, the "slob elephant", is a very unintelligen… The herd consists mostly of male elephants, along with Hathi's wife, Winifred, and his young son Hathi, Jr.One nameless elephant, distinguished by his military-style haircut, appears to be Hathi's 2nd-in-command, as Hathi addresses the elephant as Lieutenant and plans strategy with him. When the villagers cast Mowgli out, believing him to be an evil sorcerer, and planned to execute Messua for caring for him, Mowgli convinced Hathi to help him destroy the village in order to save Messua. Check out our elephant jungle selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Television programs He hated humans as a result of him being severely injured by a spike trap he fell into when he was young, although he did tolerate Mowgli to an extent. Disorder, the idea of a female elephant ruling his herd, his herd crashing into him In Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Colonel Hathi is briefly mentioned by Mowgli but not seen.[1]. • Festival of Family & Friends • Its Latin name is Bassia Longifolia, I believe. Still have questions? A made-up name. Hathi also has a mate called Winifred and a calf called Hathi, Jr., with both appearing to be part of the army. Hathi at first refuses, but changes his mind when Winifred scolds him and Junior begs him to look for Mowgli. J. Pat O'Malley (original) Jim Cummings (1990-present)Rob Paulsen and Stephen Furst (Jungle Cubs)Marty Ingels (The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story) Later, Hathi and the other elephants are seen stampeding into a cave with Bagheera saying, "Oh, no, not again!" The MOHWA (2 p. 13) pronounced Mow-er to rhyme with cow-er, is a tree that bears sweet sticky smelly blossoms which some of the native tribes in the Jungle make into a strong drink. DuckTales: Scrooge McDuck • Donald Duck (Classic) • Huey, Dewey, and Louie • Webbigail Vanderquack • Mrs. Beakley • Beagle Boys (Big Time, Burger, and Bouncer) • Gyro • Darkwing Duck • Falcon Graves • Pixiu Chinese Dragon • Peghook's Ghost • Launchpad McQuack • Hack and Slash Smashnikov • Gizmoduck • Shadow Magica • Ma Beagle • Flintheart Glomgold • Pharaoh Toth-Ra • Headless Man-Horse, Inside Out: Joy • Sadness • Anger • Disgust • Fear • Bing Bong • Frank and Dave • Forgetters • Jangles • Rainbow Unicorn Lion; Domestic Horse; Common Hippopotamus; Giraffe; Domestic Cat / Street Date November 29, 2011 / 44.95 The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary team would like to offer a profuse and heartfelt thanks to you all for your continued support and generous contributions during this difficult time. This works, as it prevents Shere Khan from attacking Mowgli. The Jungle Book (1967) George of the Jungle The Jungle Book 2 (2003) George of the Jungle 2 (2003) The Jungle Book (2016) Dumbo (1941) Dumbo (2019) Lady and the Tramp (1955) Fantasia, Fantasia 2000 Robin Hood Cinderella 2 Escape from the Planet of the Apes Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Street Party • Mickey's Soundsational Parade • The Wonderful World of Disney Parade It’s a short and easy name to pronounce, making it an excellent name for an elephant. Feature films May 26, 2017 - Colonel Hathi is a supporting character from The Jungle Book. Little Toomai and Kala Nag (the elephant) A Boy and His Elephant Little Toomai's chapter might be called "Toomai of the Elephants," but the elephants are arguably more important than Little Toomai is. Appearance Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow • Will Turner • Elizabeth Swann • Joshamee Gibbs • Tia Dalma • James Norrington • Marty • Cotton • Bootstrap Bill Turner • Pintel • Ragetti • Angelica • Blackbeard • Prison Dog • Maccus • Davy Jones • Helmsman • Philip Swift • Syrena • Captain Salazar • Ghost Lesaro • Shansa • Henry Turner • Carina Smyth • The Redhead • Murtogg • Mullroy • Treasure Chest • Stray Cat • Tiny • Pirate With Pigs • Ghost Shark • Ghost Seagull • Auctioneer 40. TV Series: TaleSpin • Jungle Cubs While in the Disney version, Hathi was depicted more comically but nevertheless shared his book counterpart's prejudice towards humans and was outraged by Mowgli's presence there. Toomai knew Kal Nag since he was a kid and the two of them lived through many adventures on the mountain Garo. Browse for Elephant Song) (jungle Book) song lyrics by entered search phrase. The elephant is the symbol of wisdom and foresight and shown with the trunk down and curled means good forum. S/he is named after one of her parents and is the smallest yet cutest of the elephants. The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories by the English author Rudyard Kipling.Most of the characters are animals such as Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear, though a principal character is the boy or "man-cub" Mowgli, who is raised in the jungle by wolves.The stories are set in a forest in India; one place mentioned repeatedly is "Seonee" (), in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. Zootopia: Judy Hopps • Nick Wilde • Flash • Clawhauser • Gazelle • Yax • Bogo • Mayor Lionheart • Bellwether • Doug • Finnick • Mr. Big • Mr. Otterton • Manchas • Gideon • Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. • Nanga • Priscilla • Mr. Hopps • Mrs. Hopps • Business Lemming • Duke Weaselton • Fru Fru • Kozlov • Officer McHorn • Wrangled • Wreck-It Rhino • Pig Hero 6 In Walt Disney's "The Jungle Book" Colonel Haithi and Winifred simlpy refer to him as "son". They corner him on a log where he jumps into the water. He is shown to be friendly with the other cubs Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, Shere Khan and Prince Louie. A few moments later, Baloo escapes. Minions In Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade, Hathi was seen walking in front of the The Jungle Book/The Lion King float. He also has a habit of mixing up his words throughout the show. To protect the jungle He did different assignments but in the end he worked on taming the other elephants because he was very good at it. From that point on, Hathi tells the story of how humans came to the jungle, referring to them as "fear". Hathi was a male Indian elephant that lived in the jungle of Seeonee. I think that's all that they name in the movie. Colonel Hathi is a supporting character from The Jungle Book. Genre: book of stories. Rudyard Kipling's: Grey Brother • Nathoo • Kitty Brydon • Colonel Geoffrey Brydon • Sergeant Claibourne • Dr. Julius Plumford • William Boone • Sergeant Harley • Buldeo • Tabaqui • Lt. John Wilkins • Indian Bandits • Alice, Rose, and Margaret Kala Nag was a special elephant who served for the Indian government. Dislikes Bagheera goes to Hathi and asks his help in looking for Mowgli. At some point in the past, Hathi was a tame elephant, as he recalls fighting in the Maharajah's 5th Pachyderm Brigade. Occupation Later on he is destructive, crushing trees the second time he and the Jungle Patrol sing their song again. It was first published in St Nicholas Magazine (December 1893) and reprinted in the collection of Kipling short stories, The Jungle Book (1894). During his time with the brigade, Hathi was awarded the Victoria Cross, for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. The jungle patrol is run similarly to a military unit, with Colonel Hathi as commanding office. Personality Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade Sabu's name began stirring international ears. The Jungle Book Groove Party: "The Jungle's No Place for a Boy" • "Join the Ranks" • "Go Bananas in the Coconut Tree" • "A Mood for Food" • "We Are the Vultures" • "Run" • "A Brand New Day" Who is the little elephant in the Jungle Book? MYSA (2 p. Character information Ganesha, the most immediately recognisable of Kipling's "logos" shows the elephant headed God who was the son of of Siva and Parvatti. The Jungle Patrol Hathi appeared as a young elephant in the spin-off series, Jungle Cubs, voiced by Rob Paulsen in the first season and Stephen Furst in the second. Allies Likes Elephant name: From Russia with love From: Belgium Inspiration: During the Covid pandemic my boyfriend (Jeremy) and I were not able to see each other for 5 months. One of the characters in Disney’s film is an elephant named Colonel Hathi. Many Jungle Book characters’ names are Hindi words, often simply the name for that animal (Bagheera means “panther”, Hathi means “elephant”) or a description (Akela, the wolf pack leader, means “alone”). Bagheera, Winifred, Mowgli, Baloo, King Louie, Shere Khan (formerly), Kaa He was a meetable character and was seen in some parades. Jungle CubsHouse of Mouse The name of the python in the Jungle Book was Kaa. Early in the show, he meets his future mate, Winifred, and later develops a crush on her. His name (हाथी) is the Hindi and Sanskrit word for "rook". The character Petersen Sahib is thought to be modelled on George P. Sanderson (1848–1892).. Snuffleupagus (fictional word); the name of the prehistoric, elephant-like puppet on 'Sesame Street'. Source. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Park attractions Inspiration Question by author Lagunathemoron. Alignment Hathi the elephant is King of the Jungle and a wise, inspiring leader.

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